Will Wedding Rings Fit After Pregnancy?


This is a very typically asked question by every pregnant woman, and if you have the same doubt, you came to the right place.

We have all the answers that you need to the question: Will my wedding ring still fit after my child’s birth?

Pregnancy is a key moment in a woman’s life that is joined by multiple changes on our bodies that are completely normal and, in fact, necessary for the baby to develop in a healthy and safe way.

It is frequent to experience bloating while the months of gestation advance, which is why most women have the same question on their minds: will the wedding ring still fit afterwards, or will I have to give up to this very meaningful item forever?

Usually, pregnant women have to resize or just experience the process without the wedding rings in order to maintain comfort and avoid trouble.

When the pregnancy is done, your ring finer usually goes back to allowing your wedding ring to fit.

However, this really depends on a series of aspects that we will discuss in this article.

The post-pregnancy scare: Will it fit?

The human body goes under relevant changes during pregnancy. It’s not just about uterus and belly enlargement, but also a noticeable swelling in other body areas such as ankles, wrists and, sadly, fingers too.

That is why a lot of women get concerned about their wedding fingers getting too tight.

The discomfort usually appears after month between month 5 and 6 of the pregnancy.

In case you don’t remove your wedding ring immediately when it starts getting tight, you will have a lot of trouble in doing so later on, including the possibility of the ring remaining stuck on you.

After labor, your body has to go through a recovering process for all the bloating to go down, but it might last a few months post birth.

Whether your ring still fits you after this or not is directly related to the degree of bloating and how your body reacts to its metabolism after the delivery.

Wearing the wedding ring while pregnant – Yes or No?

The best thing to do when the wedding ring starts to annoy you with its tightness in your finger during the pregnancy is remove it as urgently as possible.

It is very convenient to avoid wearing it until after your baby’s birth.

Even though you might want to keep putting it on, you could injure your ring finger and cause an unnecessary problem.

In case you are feeling doubts about the issue, then it’s important to converse it with your partner and with your doctor.

We definitely advice you to remove it after month 5 and just get a larger and comfier ring for the moment if you want to.

A great investment for those who are worried about this topic is a temporary silicone ring.

Even though it’s not the same, these items will provide you the emergency help that you need during these stressful moments in your life.

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