How Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings Work


Engagement and wedding rings are very important elements to transmit the love that you feel for your special one.

It is an object, but it symbolizes many feelings, such as the wish to share a lifetime together, a commitment.

These jewelry pieces solidify the promise of being together forever in loyalty, and knowing that you can always count with the other. It accentuates the establishment of an emotional and trust bond that is unbreakable.

It also represents the compromise that you feel to one another, to always be there for each other in the happy and hard times.

The engagement and wedding rings are physical manifestations of the team that you now are with your couple.

Engagement and wedding rings transmit the feeling of will to form a union that lasts until the last day of your lives.

It speaks about the longing to develop and grow through many stages of life with mutual love and respect.

In this way, you can see why engagement and wedding rings are so important.

We usually can’t even tell the difference between these jewels, which is why we will explain to you what are the characteristics of each type of ring.

Are engagement rings and wedding rings different?

Knowing the differences between both rings is very useful and relevant, but let’s start with the similarities.

The engagement and the wedding ring are both symbols of a very special and important event in your life.

This is why it’s fundamental to inform yourself with every little detail so you everything goes out perfectly.

Engagement rings

An engagement ring is used prior to the wedding to show interest in spending the rest of your life together with your significant other.

This ring is generally worn on the ring finger, and the hand varies according to the region that we live in.

As we mentioned, customs related to this ring are different in countries around the world. For example, in the USA it’s a very habitual piece.

In countries such as Sweden, Finland, Holland and Germany, the engagement ring is worn by both partners.

In other places like Spain and Mexico, the groom usually receives a clock instead of a ring, but the bride gets her beautiful ring.

Wedding rings

On the other hand (not literally, it’s usually worn on the same hand), we have the wedding rings, also called the rings of alliance.

These pieces are exchanged by the couple during their marriage, and it symbolizes the bond between the lovers.

It is usually put on the ring finger, although this also depends on tradition. This exchange ceremony has been known of since the Roman age.

Structural differences

When it comes to the design, the engagement ring is usually made of white gold with a brilliant tonality that compliments the metallic hoop, with a beautiful stone that represents the strength of the bond.

The wedding ring is often smooth, with an optional filigree but no precious stone.

According to tradition, it must be made out of materials such as yellow or white gold to symbolize the everlasting wedding.

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