Can Engagement Rings be Resized?


One of the most common doubts while in the market for engagement rings is that if it will be able to fit later in case you gain some weight or get pregnant.

The answer is yes: some models of rings can be resized. In this article, we present you everything that you need to know about ring resizing.

Increasing vs. decreasing the size of your engagement ring

The general process of resizing engagement rings entails the cutting of the metallic band and the subsequent augment or reduction of this size before joining the cut ends for it to seem brand new.

If what you want is to increment the size of the engagement ring, the jewelers take their time in augmenting the piece without it being noticeable.

After cutting the ring, these professionals start adding new pieces of the same metals to fulfill the enlargement in a successful way.

On the other hand, when it comes to reducing the size of a wedding ring, it is a simpler action that doesn’t need as much time as the increasing process.

The decrease of a ring requires cutting a part of the band and joining the two ends to leave it with a new smaller size.

These procedures can’t be done by anybody. Experts are the only ones capable of achieving the resizing of engagement rings without causing any harm.

Resizing limits and exceptions

It is very important to note that not all rings are resizable, and if they are, then they have a limited capacity of change before causing damages to the structure.

Specifically, if the augment or reduction that you want surpasses one or two higher or lower sizes than the actual size of the ring, it is highly improbable that the resizing can be done without risks.

This is because some metals are very difficult to work with. This is the case of titanium-made engagement rings. Jewelers simply can’t cut and rejoin pieces that are made with this material, because its properties don’t allow it to function.

Of course, professionals can try special procedures if you are very urgent to resize, such as carving, stretching or aggregating different materials. However, these methods are not guaranteed to be as effective as a normal resizing process.

Another reason that limits resizing of rings is their settings. For example, rings that are set with gem stones, like diamond rings with channel settings, are very difficult to modify.

If this is the case of your engagement ring, it is most likely that the gem stones have to be taken out of the piece in order to resize it correctly.

In the case of stones that are not set with normal prong mounting, removing them without risk of severe ring damages is not a feasible option.

When you purchase an engagement ring, you have to make sure that it is resizable in order to make modifications in the future if it’s needed.

This information is usually established by the jewelers that sell these rings, which is why it’s an aspect that we must take in consideration while choosing our engagement ring.

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