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Trillion1.09FVS1N/AGIA30.0 / 63.0

Moissanite is affiliated with Mens Diamond Wedding Bands. In the traditional times also, gold jewelry added royalty to the wearer. Even today gold jewelry is very much in demand.

7,6961 ct Trillion cut diamond - TR-4235
Trillion1.01HSI2N/AGIA40.5 / 68.0

All that is left is surprise your special lady with a diamond ring that she will enjoy and wear with pride. Sol Chicks painted on jeans is an affordable one-of-a-kind gear for the fashion conscious chic in mind. If your jewelry does not do this in their store ask to have it sent out to a gemological institute use caution not all grading systems are the same.

4,1161 ct Trillion cut diamond - TR-2802
Trillion0.95FVS2N/AGIA24.0 / 53.0

Finally yet importantly, once you purchase your diamond ring, have it appraised by an unbiased gemologist of you choosing. Sol Chicks Move Against AIDS Dance-a-thon in New York City, held December 7th, 2005 is more than just a fashion icon. Sol Chicks is fashion Icon; it is my obligation and my duty to start sporting a pair for myself.

5,1971 ct Trillion cut diamond - TR-2801
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