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Round7.01HSI1IdealGIA62.8 / 60.0

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend. Promise rings are also exchanged to seal friendships, to signify religious beliefs and to promise from abstinence from sex until a certain age. These are best for those who can spare some money for the sake of the ring.

118,7027 ct Round cut diamond - RB-5107
Round6.99JVS2PremiumGIA58.9 / 63.0

Taking the style and grace from art nouveau, diamonds and platinum from Edwardian and turning them into a geometric, symmetrical array of diamonds and platinum. Promise rings are rings that are exchanged between two people in accordance with a promise made between them. In such cases, the promise ring is followed with an engagement ring and then a marriage ring.

Sold7 ct Round cut diamond - RB-5106
Round6.01JVS2PremiumGIA58.7 / 62.0

The harder stones like diamonds could scratch your pearls or other jewelry and that could happen if you "throw" your jewelry all in the same place. If you need to purchase clip on earrings, you will want to go to a good jewelry dealer because good clip ones are harder to find. So clip on earrings aren t as easy to find.

82,4776 ct Round cut diamond - RB-5105
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