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Round1.02GVS1N/AIGI0.0 / 0.0

The platinum ring has an emerald-cut center diamond with three diamond baguettes on each side. The more averaged priced ring will simply be the steel or brass with the Masonic emblem on a colored background. Anniversary Rock has a nice selection of Masonic rings.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7903
Round1.02HVS1N/AIGI0.0 / 0.0

With many actresses and other famous women sporting bigger and sparklier diamond rings, celebrity engagements have become a delight for the jewelry lover. Documentation can be anything from an affidavit of the previous owners with preferably a picture of the ring being worn at sometime in the far past to previous appraisals of the ring. Anniversary Rock has a huge selection of Antique Wedding rings.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7887
Round1.02FVS2IdealGIA62.9 / 61.0

Clarity as commonly believed does not affect the sparkle of the diamond. Also, the type of swimsuit she is wearing would enhance the visual impact her jewelry would make. For instance, a belly ring would really look sexy with those barely-there bikinis, as would belly chains, which come in pierced or unpierced versions.

7,8331 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7608
Round1.02FVS1IdealGIA62.0 / 59.0

The diamond's sparkle depends upon its cut, since it changes the refractivity of the diamond. For either of these spring break activities, jewelry can play an important role. Water and parties -- and a host of opportunities for young students on spring break to show off body jewelry of different designs.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7607
Round1.02FVS2IdealGIA61.9 / 55.0

Click here for more information about fine jewelry, diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Caring for your engagement and wedding rings You will most likely wear your engagement and wedding rings more than any other piece of jewelry, so it is important to know how to care for and protect them. The following tips should help you in properly caring for your rings.

7,8331 ct Round cut diamond - RB-2312
Round1.02GVS1IdealGIA60.8 / 60.0

This comes from the diamond cartels that control the market and they know how to price a diamond. Antique as well as antique reproduction rings have also become very popular and offer a distinctive look with a nostalgic element. The appraisal will verify that the ring is what you believe it to be, will fully describe its quality, and identify whether or not there are any problems; that is, if the stone is chipped or cracked in such a way that it may be vulnerable to breakage.

7,9381 ct Round cut diamond - RB-2310
Round1.02HVS1IdealGIA60.0 / 58.0

Diamond described as having large or open culet as in old European or old-mine cut diamonds are less desirable, because the appearance of the culet causes a reduction in sparkle or brilliance at the very center of the stone. Montana sapphire may be the choice for you. With sapphires, origin can have a significant effect on price, so if you are purchasing a Kashmir, Burmese, or Ceylon sapphire, that should be noted on the bill of sale.

6,6151 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4150
Round1.02FVS2IdealGIA60.5 / 58.0

If a diamond has an extremely thick girdle, its cost should also be reduced somewhat because the stone will look smaller than another diamond of the same weight with a more normal girdle thickness. The black onyx that is commonly used in jewelry isn t onyx at all, and isn t naturally black. It's a real beauty, very moderately priced, and just beginning to be appreciated and used in contemporary jewelry.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4142
Round1.02GVS1IdealGIA61.2 / 55.0

The girdle is another important item described on diamond grading reports. It is opaque and takes a good polish, but it is soft and should not be worn in rings. Both malachite and azurite make beautiful jewelry and lovely carvings.

7,9381 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4139
Round1.02FVS2IdealGIA59.9 / 57.0

When the top and bottom facets do not line up, it indicates sloppy cutting and, more important, the overall beauty of the diamond's is diminished. Labradorite and Sunstone (Feldspar) Labradorite is a fascinating stone that is starting to appear in some of the more distinctive jewelry salons, especially in beads and carved pieces. Lapis has become very fashionable, and the finest quality lapis is becoming more rare and more expensive.

7,8331 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4136
Round1.01GVS2N/AIGI0.0 / 0.0

This 6 carat radiant shaped pink diamond quickly caught the attention of the public and has become a highly sought after replica. Other earring jackets are made with dangles, pieces of artistically shaped metal, glass, beads, pearls, etc that dangle via a small metal chain from the metal circle of the jacket. They are made of metals similar to any other piece of jewelry, sterling silver, gold, platinum, etc.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7890
Round1.01GVS2N/AIGI0.0 / 0.0

Likewise, a diamond ring is presented on your tenth anniversary as a foundation for deep love. In my jewelry box--you can expect to see that not one design is exactly the same. So when I say a handcrafted bracelet is something to cherish--I truly mean it.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7877
Round1.01GVS1N/AIGI0.0 / 0.0

Most definitely a diamond pendant is not limited to everyday apparel, but with such a great value of beauty and rarity, you ll probably want to savor wearing your pendant for a special occasion. One drawback to these rings is that the family never remains static so your ring may require a few more gemstones every year. So buying a Grandmothers bracelet that you can add to is a good alternative.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7804
Round1.01GVVS2N/AIGI0.0 / 0.0

There are beautiful diamond rings, bracelets and studs for you. Some rings will also have one larger stone in the shape of a heart to represent the mother's love for her children. Mother's rings have an elegant style to them, usually with vibrantly colored gemstones as accents.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7802
Round1.01GVS2N/AIGI0.0 / 0.0

If you want to wear a diamond for astrological reasons a diamond ring appears to be the best option. To wear a ring on the left hand is a reflection on the subconscious or your instincts, beliefs, and basic attitudes. To wear a ring on the right is a focus on the conscious, reflecting logic, awareness, and the material world.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7797
Round1.01FVS1PremiumGIA63.3 / 58.0

Considerations of color can be set aside when you set the diamond in white gold or platinum. Chandelier earrings at various price points and made with materials ranging from Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, and silver or gold are excellent party accessories. So are hoop earrings, briolette necklaces, and charm bracelets; all of which could be as flashy or as understated as one would like.

8,4521 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7611
Round1.01GVVS2PremiumGIA63.6 / 57.0

Clarity does not have any effect on beauty of the diamond. Belly rings and belly chains are available in many designs, but perhaps one of the most best-selling designs for college students on spring break is one that features Greek society symbols. Wearing a sterling silver or gold wrist or ankle bracelet (anklet), a necklace, toe rings, belly rings and belly chains that spell out a sorority's letters is an excellent way to show school spirit even during spring break.

8,8621 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7609
Round1.01GVS1IdealGIA62.6 / 60.0

You will be grateful to your aunt for parting with the dramatic diamond pendant for you to wear for your wedding. Find the color which symbolizes the cause most important to you, and then show its significance in your life with a car magnet, a ribbon attached to your lapel, or an awareness ribbon bracelet. Michelle Yau is the owner and designer for Trinity London, a jewelry company specializing in rosary bracelets and pocket rosaries.

7,8541 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7606
Round1.01FVS1IdealGIA61.8 / 57.0

The only way to really know what shape diamond will appeal to you is to have a look at the various cuts and choose for yourself. Whatever type of jewelry you are looking to purchase, whether it be rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets or watches, you are sure to enjoy the many benefits of titanium jewelry. We sell attractive titanium jewelry for both men and women including wedding rings and bands, bracelets, pendants, watches, and rings.

8,4631 ct Round cut diamond - RB-7431
Round1.01GVS1IdealGIA60.7 / 57.0

The polish of a diamond refers to how finely polished the surface is to make it very reflective. Chokers, silver or otherwise are made to a client's specific order and this elegant and beautiful neckwear is commonly secure with a hook clasp that allows for the easy hanging of a pendant and easy closing as well. There are few pieces of jewelry that can be more attention grabbing than a silver choker.

7,8541 ct Round cut diamond - RB-5339
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