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Princess5.51HVVS2IdealGIA72.7 / 65.0

The advertising for feminine hygiene is a necessary evil that reveals a vulnerability in all consumers, women and men, but advertising for the diamond industry maliciously creates fools of us all. Because our culture today uses jewelry mostly for decorative purposes we often forget the roots of jewelry and how, to some cultures, it can have a deeper spiritual meaning. Recognizing the importance of this religious jewelry in other cultures allows us to see the greater symbolic uses that jewelry can be used for.

110,3766 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-5102
Princess5.14JVS2PremiumEGL69.6 / 77.0

Jewelry is when flowers are not enough, and every single diamond retailer knows it, and thus knows that men will pay. Native American religious jewelry was also given to women after there first menses and to newly married couples. Religious jewelry has played a significant role in Native American culture.

52,2905 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-5101
Princess4.25JVS1PremiumEGL74.4 / 75.0

If you are looking for a clear, brilliant and inexpensive option to traditional diamond jewelry, don't hesitate to shop a wide selection of cubic zirconia jewelry. Native American Jewelry Native American religious jewelry was a symbol for nature, played a role in religious ceremonies, and represented status. Natural materials were used in their jewelry including feathers along with minerals such as turquoise and metals like silver.

37,4644 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-5090
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