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Emerald0.91IVS2GoodGIA72.1 / 58.0

The diamond necklace in the movie was held in high regard, valued and worn by only the upper-class passengers of the Titanic. Herein designer Colette Bouchez offers the following tips to help you judge just how comfortable your earring will be. Look for the store's guarantee that their earring won't pinch.

Sold1 ct Emerald cut diamond - EM-5923
Emerald0.90HVS2PremiumGIA67.2 / 74.0

However, as long as the correct research and precautions are taken there should be no reason to be fearful about buying diamonds from Internet diamond merchants. Here are some practical tips when looking for that fine jewelry whether you are shopping in a local boutique or an online store. Investigate the fashion and fine jewelry auctions; you could save a ton of money cutting out the hidden costs at a regular retail store.

4,0321 ct Emerald cut diamond - EM-3893
Emerald0.81JVS1IdealGIA63.9 / 72.0

Online diamond retailers don t have retail shops, sales staff, large diamond inventories and other associated operating expenses and are therefore able to pass on the cost savings to consumers. Fashion jewelry comes in a variety of styles these days and you can find just about anything you desire. These fashion jewelry designs range from Indian delights to fashionable custom crystals from the sixties.

2,3411 ct Emerald cut diamond - EM-3870
Emerald0.73IVS1PremiumGIA61.4 / 71.0

In 2001 he was awarded the Diamond Dagger. Whether you are looking for fine, custom, or fashion jewelry it is always fun to shop for the decorative accessories. With fashion or fine jewelry you can always find something that can fit that special someone's personality.

2,5511 ct Emerald cut diamond - EM-3849
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