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Cushion2.02FVS2PoorGIA50.8 / 61.0

Then an oval-shaped diamond or similar elongated style diamond for your wedding ring would probably work for you. Don t forget to finish your look with your jewelry soft colored stone dangle earrings and a teardrop pendant would be perfect. Add some understated jewelry and your ready to go.

24,1292 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4886
Cushion2.01FVS1GoodGIA56.2 / 64.0

You can actually buy a diamond only and choose a setting later. Contrary to popular belief black is an acceptable color for a wedding. Decide what you re wearing to the wedding based on the type of wedding is it formal choose a formal dress.

Sold2 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4820
Cushion2.01HVVS2PremiumGIA71.6 / 60.0

If your knowledge of diamond wedding rings is limited to size, it's a good idea that you obtain more information before you make your wedding ring selection. Go for a fun print, v necklines are great, and don t forget the finishing touches with jewelry. Add a tennis bracelet or bead necklace, some fun but sexy shoes and your set.

Sold2 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4783
Cushion2.01GVS2PremiumGIA73.3 / 61.0

Like most young girls, you may have spent a lot of time dreaming of the perfect diamond wedding ring. Add some light jewelry, a pair of baguette studs and a chain and you ll be ready. Some funky jewelry for the casual get together or more elegant jewelry for the more formal get together.

22,2182 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4779
Cushion2.01EVS2FairGIA71.4 / 54.0

Polish Polish refers to the smoothness of the surface of every facet that is cut into a raw diamond. In early Roman times rings were simple hoops made out of iron and it wasn t until much later times that this metal was replaced with precious metals such as gold and silver which do not rust and are more attractive. Styles of engagement rings have varied greatly over the years but still some designs have remained popular throughout.

25,2422 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-2536
Cushion2.00HVVS2PoorGIA48.5 / 64.0

Some of them can be pricey, but are often coupled with diamonds and/or other precious stones. Try something in a festive jewel tone and be sure to finish your look with some fabulous shoes and hand bag and don t forget the jewelry. Add earrings and a necklace to finish your look.

19,2362 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4773
Cushion2.00FVS2PoorGIA52.2 / 63.0

Alternatively, you can also consider getting a new diamond to be placed in your old setting thus making it unique. Or, as a twist, you can even find custom jewelry that has several birthstones, one for each child or grandchild. So what's the right winter fashion etiquette for the occasion.

Sold2 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4769
Cushion2.00HVS2IdealGIA73.8 / 66.0

You can then take out the old setting and place the diamond in a new modern setting. Speaking of Mom, birthstone jewelry makes an excellent gift for women as well. There are many varieties of gold, silver and platinum birthstone jewelry.

17,0522 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4760
Cushion1.70HVS1PremiumGIA70.2 / 60.0

If you really want to be unique, consider antique diamond or heirloom diamond jewelry where the cutting was actually done manually by craftsman. There is inexpensive quality costume birthstone jewelry that is made specifically for 5 - 12 yr old girls. Kids will find it neat that they are wearing "their" birthstone, not to mention that they will enjoy dressing up in their jewelry just like mom.

11,3502 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4686
Cushion1.62FVVS2PoorGIA48.3 / 66.0

Three stone rings are also hot now, the bigger center diamond is accented on both sides by smaller stones of the same shape. Due to its popularity, merchants usually have a decent selection of birthstone rings, pedants, earrings and other birthstone jewelry. You can often find coupons and discounts on birthstone jewelry, especially around the Holidays, Valentines Day, and Mothers Day when it is a popular gift item.

Sold2 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4678
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