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Cushion1.58JSI2GoodEGL64.0 / 58.0

Just as with poor depth, poor symmetry will cause a diamond to appear dull. Traditions have changed over the centuries and not only have the materials which the rings are made out of changed, but men too are now choosing to wear a ring as a symbol of lasting love, fidelity and commitment. These early tokens which indicated the sealing of a marriage contract, were certainly very different from what we now accept today as an engagement ring and probably wouldn t have turned too many heads or invoked the green eyed monster because of their beauty and brilliance.

5,5122 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-2535
Cushion1.51JVS2IdealGIA65.5 / 63.0

You can choose new diamond settings too. If you want different gemstone, consider alternative gemstones like Sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Gracing the feet from everyone to Hollywood superstars to the world's most fantastic models, the hip and happening footwear from Down Under is become on of the best fashion trends this year.

6,9302 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-4581
Cushion1.50HVS2PremiumGIA70.7 / 75.0

Misalignment or disproportional cuts will wreak havoc on how light travels through the diamond. These ancient engagement and wedding rings were not gold engagement rings but were often made from simple and crude bands of iron. Even in these modern times, the gold engagement ring is still regarded as a potent symbol of unity and marriage, which sends out a message about a persons marital status.

9,7232 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-2534
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