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Remember that the main goal when shaping a diamond is to maximize brilliance in the final version. Man made materials such as acrylics and plastics also lend themselves very well to the manufacture of affordable, colourful jewelry and in the shops you can see many examples of wonderful, bright and modern fun items, to be worn on any occasion as the mood takes. Whilst most of us choose to spend a little extra on that special piece of jewelry such as our wedding rings, we now have an endless choice of less expensive everyday jewelry which we can change to suit our mood or match our outfit.

Sold1 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-2531
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There is a lot going on when a diamond cutter does his work, but for a basic understanding, let's concentrate on the three primary aspects. Some traditionalists may not regard these strictly as being jewelry although who said that the article had to be expensive or made from precious metals to qualify for the name. In modern times, we have seen a huge increase in the type and variety of jewelry available and the discovery of new strong and lightweight metals such as titanium or other alloys has given rise to new many new possibilities.

Sold1 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-2530
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Excellent polish greatly enhances a diamond's brilliance because it creates less diffusion as light enters and exits the diamond. John Lewis runs Love2Have an on line jewelery website that only sells UK hand made jewelery including engagement rings and wedding rings. Examples of jewelery being worn other than for adornment, are necklaces such as the cross or crucifixes worn by Christians as potent religious symbols.

2,7401 ct Cushion cut diamond - CS-3800
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