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Round1.02FSI1IdealGIA59.8 / 58.0

The more visible, the lower the cost of the diamond. Blue sapphires also come Tanzania, Brazil, Africa, and even United States. Montana sapphires are very collectible because of their unusual shades of color, and because many are natural color, that is not subjected to any treatment.

6,4051 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4149
Round1.02ISI1IdealEGL61.3 / 58.0

The Culet The culet looks like a point at the bottom of the diamond, but it is normally another facet, a tiny, flat polish surface. The Ceylon (Sir Lanka) sapphires are a very pleasing blue, but are a less deep shade than the Burmese or Kashmir, instead tending yo fall more on the pastel side. We are also seeing many Australian sapphires, which are often a dark blue, but with a slightly green undertone, as are those from Thailand; both sell for much less per carat.

4,8191 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4148
Heart1.02DVS1GoodGIA48.0 / 57.0

Gemstone settings are basically any setting with a combination of diamonds and other precious stones. Various traditions give different meanings to the ring depending on how it is worn. As a wedding ring it is worn on the left hand with the heart pointing inward to the wrist.

7,7071 ct Heart cut diamond - HS-4147
Round1.02HIFIdealGIA62.5 / 58.0

However, if the girdle is much too thick (as in older diamonds), the price can also be significantly less because the stone cam look significantly smaller than other diamonds of comparable weight. Blue sapphires can be among the most valuable members of the sapphire family; especially stones from Burma and Kashmir, which closet to the pure spectral blue. Fine, brilliant, deep blue Burmese sapphires will surely dazzle the eye and the pocketbook, as will the Kashmir, which is a fine velvety toned deep blue.

7,7281 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4146
Round1.02ESI2IdealGIA61.7 / 56.0

Generally, a diamond with an extremely thin girdle should sell for less than one with an extremely thick girdle because of the diamond's increased vulnerability to chipping. Sapphire Sapphire the celestial sapphire, symbol of the heaven, guardian of innocence, bestower of truth and good health, preserver of chastity, is in fact the mineral corundum. As with with ruby, its sister gemstone, sapphire is characterized by hardness, brilliance, and availability in many beautiful colors, all of which make it probably the most important and most versatile of the gem families.

5,7011 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4145
Emerald1.02GVS2IdealGIA68.2 / 68.0

This number can then be cross-checked back to the issuing accreditation body to ensure that the retailer is in fact a member, giving confidence to the consumer that an online purchase from that diamond retailer is safer. Some jewelry stores display the actual weight of each piece, while others do not. Some jewelry stores that don't display the weight say that "fine jewelry" is not sold by weight like products in a supermarket.

6,3101 ct Emerald cut diamond - EM-4144
Princess1.02KVS2PremiumGIA78.7 / 64.0

Designer handbags will often have extra stitching and detailing such as little diamonds, buckles or zippers which make them truly unique to any other designer. The charities that sell these rubber bracelets donate a portion of the proceeds to the cause they support, the citizen who buys them gets a means to show he cares, and for the manufacturer of the rubber bracelet it is just more business coming his way. These rubber bracelets are a way to convert a vicious circle of despair and ruin into a virtuous circle of hope and solidarity.

3,3601 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-4143
Round1.02FVS2IdealGIA60.5 / 58.0

If a diamond has an extremely thick girdle, its cost should also be reduced somewhat because the stone will look smaller than another diamond of the same weight with a more normal girdle thickness. The black onyx that is commonly used in jewelry isn t onyx at all, and isn t naturally black. It's a real beauty, very moderately priced, and just beginning to be appreciated and used in contemporary jewelry.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4142
Round1.02IVS2PremiumGIA63.4 / 57.0

Diamonds with girdles that are excessively thin or thick normally sell for less than other diamonds. Jewelry made from obsidian, which is available in great quantity and is very inexpensive, is a popular fashion accessory. It is particularly popular in Mexican and Indian jewelry, and is seen fairly extensively in the West and in Mexico.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4141
Round1.02ESI1IdealGIA61.5 / 55.0

It affects value, and It affects the diamond durability. It is a popular gemstone for rings because as the hand moves the effect of the brilliant light color is more pronounced. It has also been found in Egypt, fashioned into masks.

Sold1 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4140
Round1.02GVS1IdealGIA61.2 / 55.0

The girdle is another important item described on diamond grading reports. It is opaque and takes a good polish, but it is soft and should not be worn in rings. Both malachite and azurite make beautiful jewelry and lovely carvings.

7,9381 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4139
Pear1.02JSI1PremiumGIA64.9 / 53.0

Marriage proposals are met with diamond rings and bands of gold; a tradition so common to most of human history that it is highly unlikely that it will ever change. My husbance purchased my ring at Blue Nile one of the best online jewelry stores out there, which has received a lot of positive press. Their website storefront is highly interactive and you can mix and match different stones and settings to create your own ring.

3,6641 ct Pear cut diamond - PS-4138
Emerald1.02GVVS2IdealGIA69.7 / 70.0

When transporting the diamond by mail always use this method or a similar one for maximum security of delivery. Around Christianity period, and the time that followed, most jewelry were made of cheaper materials, but all incrusted with Christian symbols such as crosses, pigeons, a branch leaf, and the ancient Ankh sign. After the arrival of Islam in Egypt, men were prohibited from wearing jewelry, especially ones made of gold.

7,1191 ct Emerald cut diamond - EM-4137
Round1.02FVS2IdealGIA59.9 / 57.0

When the top and bottom facets do not line up, it indicates sloppy cutting and, more important, the overall beauty of the diamond's is diminished. Labradorite and Sunstone (Feldspar) Labradorite is a fascinating stone that is starting to appear in some of the more distinctive jewelry salons, especially in beads and carved pieces. Lapis has become very fashionable, and the finest quality lapis is becoming more rare and more expensive.

7,8331 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4136
Emerald1.02GVS1IdealGIA69.1 / 64.0

Recorded, signature-required, insured postage A recorded delivery method that is insurable and requires a signature on arrival is the safest way of receiving the diamond through the mail. The art of jewelry-making started to flourish with the start of the Middle Kingdom, when pharaohs decided to express themselves better through gold objects. Pharaohs and high representatives of the ancient Egypt took to the tomb a large series of jewelry pieces like crowns, wreaths, rings, ear-rings and imposing necklaces, which were all placed on their mummified bodies.

6,8141 ct Emerald cut diamond - EM-4135
Princess1.02FVS2GoodGIA80.0 / 66.0

Some examples of simulants are cubic zirconia, moissanite, and yttrium aluminum garnet which are diamond simulants. Rubber bracelets can be ordered in lots of 500 or more at some Web sites for very low rates. As a promotion tool the rubber bracelets are a win-win proposition for all people involved.

Sold1 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-4134
Heart1.02HSI1GoodGIA46.6 / 56.0

Another setting is the Diamond Accent setting. The ring symbolizes love, friendship , and loyalty. The ring is named for an Irish fishing village.

4,6621 ct Heart cut diamond - HS-4133
Princess1.02FVS1PremiumGIA68.9 / 76.0

Champagne and yellow diamonds are more abundant in nature and are not usually irradiated to obtain their color. Then there are the yellow rubber band bracelets for cancer research support. And these rubber bracelets can be left on your wrists at all times -- neither sweat nor water can spoil them.

Sold1 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-4132
Round1.02HSI1IdealGIA62.4 / 57.0

To check for proper alignment here, simply look at the diamond from the side to see whether or not the facets just above the girdle align with the facets just beneath the girdle. Usually fashioned in cabochon cut, or round beads, or in carvings, it is regularly seen in dark green shades sometimes so dark as to look black, hence, black jade. But it is a lovely, popular stone, used extensively in jewelry and carving.

5,7961 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4131
Round1.02KSI1IdealEGL61.7 / 56.0

Cost per carat is usually more for diamonds that have very good or excellent Polish. It is a lovely, brilliant gemstone but not as durable as sapphire. It is abundant, still very low priced, and one of the most attractive jewelry options for the near future.

3,6641 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4130
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