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Round1.50ISI1IdealEGL61.6 / 57.0

Looking for diamond earrings at affordable prices, the general emphasis is on the awareness of cut, color, clarity and carats, but the importance of purchasing from an accredited, reputable institution cannot be understated. Kimi Lasser is a consumer writer and fashion consultant, and an enthusiast of women's handbags. For the women there's the Citizen bangle bracelet watch.

9,3872 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4523
Pear1.50GSI2PremiumGIA63.9 / 54.0

Earrings - When it comes to buying diamond earrings, there are a few things you should know. It is important that you know that cheap engagement rings do not generally come with a lot of designs, etchings or patterns. You should also keep in mind that the more work done on the creation of the engagement ring, the more money it will cost to purchase.

Sold2 ct Pear cut diamond - PS-4522
Round1.50FSI2IdealEGL62.6 / 55.0

It costs about $600 a carat, ten times less than a natural diamond. Well, if the manufacturer has cheated you and your ring is only 95% precious metal then you would never know. The only way you, as a layman, will ever be able to tell is by comparing the ring to another piece of 18 carat gold jewelery.

10,1112 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4521
Round1.50GSI1PremiumGIA63.2 / 57.0

Contrary to this, Moisannite, an astounding fake, is almost as hard as diamond and even more brilliant. Richer dyes are often used to colour ties, and fashion experts often coordinate tailored suits with boldly coloured silk ties for effect. Business fashion experts say the choice of tie can reflect the wearers personality.

Sold2 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4520
Round1.50HSI2IdealGIA58.9 / 60.0

Many laboratories are also committed to creating imitation diamonds that look almost real. During the course of writing, I discovered many wonderful sources of information written by some of the acknowledged giants in the world of men's fashion. Why focus on classic clothing for men as apposed to fashion and trends Betsy.

Sold2 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4519
Round1.50ISI1IdealGIA59.4 / 59.0

However, the real savings are in the colored synthetic diamonds, which typically cost about 75% - 80% less than what a natural colored diamond would cost. So the drawing goes in and a ring comes out. Each of the wholesale club's auto buying programs work in a similar fashion.

Sold2 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4518
Round1.50IVS2PremiumGIA58.8 / 62.0

Since diamond detecting machinery could gauge the difference, the synthetic diamonds were priced 3% lower than the naturals. Using a specially written computer programme a trained user of the programme draws the item, lets say a ring. This process might take a few hours depending on the skill of the operator and the intricacy of the ring.

Sold2 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4517
Oval1.50FVVS2GoodGIA64.9 / 51.0

It is just a matter of common sense, if you want simulated diamonds with mined-diamond qualities, they must be set in 14K solid gold. For some men, only a real heirloom jewelry will do - particularly for their wedding day. The rich artistry of these pieces can easily substitute for the lack of precious gems in wedding bands.

13,4292 ct Oval cut diamond - OV-4516
Round1.50JSI1IdealGIA61.2 / 60.0

The diamond industry, headed by the De Beers company, fought against this move, asserting them unfit to be regarded in the same league as the natural diamonds. With just a few preventative measures, you can easily keep your sterling silver jewelry from becoming tarnished. Christianna Mansfield has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years.

Sold2 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4515
Round1.50ISI1IdealGIA62.0 / 58.0

In 2001, Gemesis, a company founded by General Carter Clarke, initiated the mass-production of synthetic diamonds. If your sterling silver jewelry begins to show signs of tarnish, simply wipe it clean with a silver cloth. It is a soft cloth that should clean your jewelry with just a couple of wipes if the tarnish has not gotten too bad.

9,9012 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4514
Round1.50FVS2IdealGIA62.4 / 57.0

Cheap diamond earrings do not always refer to the massive discount afforded by wholesale jewelers. When you are removing your silver jewelry, you should take a few seconds to wipe it off with a soft cloth such as an old t-shirt or flannel shirt. Once you wipe your jewelry clean, you should store it in an airtight container, such as a zip lock baggie, a cloth bag or an airtight jewelry box.

15,8342 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4513
Princess1.50IVS1PremiumEGL76.0 / 70.0

An old toothbrush is ideal for getting into those nooks and crannies around the diamond setting. Visit Fashion Annual and go through our archives of fashion tips. Have a look towards the fashion start of the season and find some updated colors in a blazer.

8,3582 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-4512
Princess1.50HSI1PremiumEGL73.4 / 76.0

You can keep your diamond ring looking as clear and bright as the day you purchased it by cleaning any build up of debris using a special jewelry cleanser, or simply a mild household detergent. Diamonds are very hard and dense and can assist us for blocking radiation in space stations, cutting and we can still have plenty left over for jewelry; a girls best friend. Try to get fashion ideas from your boss.

8,3582 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-4511
Round1.50EVS1IdealGIA58.4 / 58.0

Most often, earrings made out of cheap diamonds are marketed by jewelers claiming to buy the diamonds directly from the cutter, by passing the middlemen. For this reason, you need to start to change your habits when putting on and removing jewelry. Before you put any jewelry on, you should make sure your lotion and perfume has soaked into your skin and all hair products, especially hairspray, should be applied.

17,8182 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4510
Round1.50FSI3IdealEGL62.9 / 54.0

Therefore if you are to invest in a diamond try and get one at 1/2 carat or even better 1 carat. If you take your jewelry off without wiping off the residue from these things, you are contributing to the tarnish. When you add the fact that most people leave their sterling silver jewelry sitting out, exposed to the air most of the time, tarnish becomes inevitable.

8,3792 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4509
Princess1.50FSI1PremiumGIA78.5 / 72.0

Your ring can also be damaged by some of the harsh cleaning products that you might use around your home and garden, so be sure to remove your diamond ring before your spring clean too. February's birthstone and the traditional stone for a sixth wedding anniversary is Amethyst. Today, Roman Catholic bishops often wear amethyst rings, and their ceremonial wine is drunk from goblets made from amethyst.

11,5082 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-4508
Round1.50HSI2IdealGIA62.3 / 57.0

All else being equal, the value of a diamond increases exponentially in relation to carat weight, since larger diamonds are both rarer and more desirable for use as gemstones. Although it seems like an impossible task to keep this from happening, with just a few easy steps you can help prevent your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing. Perfume, lotions, sweaty skin and hair products can all cause your jewelry to begin to tarnish.

9,4392 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4507
Oval1.50GSI1GoodGIA52.4 / 53.0

If you buy simulated diamonds set in sterling silver, expect decent stones, but they will fool few into thinking they are mined diamonds. While buying a white gold wedding bands, men need not worry about the cost since white gold tends to cost about the same as yellow gold. Some rings and bands are even a combination of precious metals.

10,4472 ct Oval cut diamond - OV-4506
Round1.50GSI2IdealGIA61.1 / 57.0

Instead, there are sharp jumps around milestone carat weights, as demand is much higher for diamonds weighing just more than a milestone than for those weighing just less. Keeping your sterling silver jewelry tarnish free can seem like an impossible task. For those of you who wear your silver on a regular basis, you know that it seems you can literally take your polished silver earrings off one night only to have them start to look yellowish by morning.

Sold2 ct Round cut diamond - RB-4505
Princess1.50GVS2PremiumGIA67.7 / 79.0

No doubt your diamond ring is very precious to you, so it would be a dreadful shame to lose your stone. Those who come to accept that there is no easy utopia and that differences amongst people will remain, can seen fashion for what it truly is. The birthstone for those born in June and one of the popular choices for a fifty-fifth wedding anniversary, Alexandrite is the color change variety of the mineral species chrysoberyl.

Sold2 ct Princess cut diamond - PR-4504
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