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5.01 CT. Radiant Diamond RD-5097 

5.01 CT. Radiant Diamond RD-5097
Loose Diamond Info
Weight:5.01 Carat
Color:H (Near Colorless)
Clarity:SI1 (No Visible Inclusions)
Measurements:10.60 - 9.07 x 6.34
Girdle:Ex. thin to sl.thick
Rap $ Per Carat:$13,700
Our $ Per Carat:$13,297
Discount %:2.9%
Our Price:$69,951
As an example, we will say that she would prefer a diamond with more clarity than size, she also desires a more colorless diamond than a yellow one and she prefers round to any other cut. Just letting your hair flow down with either bangs down or parted with additional waves, ringlets, or curls at the ends. This symbol often seens on rings features hands holding a heart with a crown on top.
Diamond Certificate
Radiant Diamond Certificate
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
Diamonds with good cut still have very good proportions and will reflect large percentage of incoming light. Good cut diamonds still have excellent brilliance and fire. This grade represents an excellent balance between quality and price.

H color grade diamonds are second best in a colorless category. Most H color diamonds have a very light yellow tint that may be more noticeable when the diamond is placed on a white surface. Such diamonds look beautiful in platinum and white gold and offer outstanding value.

Inclusions and external blemishes in diamonds of SI1 clarity may be easy to spot under 10X power magnification. Location of the inclusions greatly affect their visibility to the naked eye. SI1 diamonds of good color produce as good of a sparkle as the more expansive VS graded stones of lower color. Excellent bargains may be fond in this category.

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