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4.09 CT. Radiant Diamond RD-5086 

4.09 CT. Radiant Diamond RD-5086
Loose Diamond Info
Weight:4.09 Carat
Color:F (Colorless)
Clarity:VVS2 (Virtually Flawless)
Measurements:10.01 - 8.36 x 5.74
Girdle:Medium to thick
Rap $ Per Carat:$20,900
Our $ Per Carat:$20,342
Discount %:2.7%
Our Price:$87,360
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Diamond Certificate
Radiant Diamond Certificate
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
The ideal cut diamond is a very precise mathematical equation, where diamond proportions and angles are cut to optimize the diamond's superlative optical properties, in particular it's high refractive index and color dispersion, to create a diamond of unequaled beauty with perfect balance of brilliance and fire. In layman's terms, the diamond is cut to make it the most beautiful diamond so it retains its intrinsic value.

Diamonds of F color are very close to colorless. Very small percentage of natural diamonds fall into this category. Even a trained professional will not be able to detect presence of color without instrumentation.

VVS2 clarity diamonds are very, very slightly included grade two. diamonds of VVS2 clarity have very small inclusions that are difficult to see even under 10x magnification. Though the inclusions are not quite as imperceptible as in a VVS1-clarity diamond, this diamond still makes an excellent choice for those looking for a balance of exquisite clarity and affordable price.

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