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0.71 CT. Round Diamond RB-7096 

0.71 CT. Round Diamond RB-7096
Loose Diamond Info
Shape:Round Brilliant
Weight:0.71 Carat
Color:G (Near Colorless)
Clarity:VS1 (Absolutely No Visible Inclusions)
Measurements:5.67 x 5.70 x 3.51
Rap $ Per Carat:$4,700
Our $ Per Carat:$4,465
Discount %:5.0%
Our Price:$3,328
Many diamond jewelry dealers have regular contact with the various labs and can assist you in the process you can contact the above authorities directly, or visit your local jeweler. Armlets, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, broad collars, pendants, and hair decorations were inlaid with blue-green turquoise, red carnelian (a copper or reddish-orange stone), deep-blue lapis lazuli, and feldspar. Yes, the ancient Egyptians liked living large and jewelry played a key role, just as it does in our society today.
Diamond Certificate
Round Diamond Certificate
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
Diamonds cut to ideal proportions are made to reflect the most amount of light. High percentage of diamond weight is lost in the process of shaping and polishing the diamond. Such diamonds are perceived as most brilliant and fiery, thus making this the most desirable cut. Because in making ideally cut diamonds more diamond material is sacrificed for the sake of appearance, they are usually more expansive.

When mounted, G color grade diamonds will appear colorless except to the trained eye. G color may be noticeable when compared to diamonds of better grades. Diamonds of G color grade offer excellent value. For an excellent value in a diamond with no noticeable color to the unaided eye, G color diamond is the right choice.

Diamonds of VS1 clarity are very slightly included grade one. VS1 diamonds with tiny inclusions that are difficult to locate. Only a trained eye looking through a 10X loupe can pinpoint the inclusions in this category. The inclusions are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Excellent buy by all means.

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