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0.7 CT. Round Diamond RB-7093 

0.7 CT. Round Diamond RB-7093
Loose Diamond Info
Shape:Round Brilliant
Weight:0.70 Carat
Color:E (Colorless)
Clarity:VVS1 (Virtually Flawless)
Measurements:5.65 x 5.69 x 3.55
Polish:Very Good
Rap $ Per Carat:$6,600
Our $ Per Carat:$6,271
Discount %:5.0%
Our Price:$4,609
Certain laboratory created gemstones, such as lab-created moissanite, also look like diamonds and may not be adequately detected by the instruments originally used to identify cubic zirconia. Lavish personal adornment was the rule of the day, and everyone in Egypt wore some type of jewelry. In addition to its esthetics, jewelry, especially rings and amulets, fulfilled the role of repelling evil spirits and injury.
Diamond Certificate
Round Diamond Certificate
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
The ideal cut diamond is a very precise mathematical equation, where diamond proportions and angles are cut to optimize the diamond's superlative optical properties, in particular it's high refractive index and color dispersion, to create a diamond of unequaled beauty with perfect balance of brilliance and fire. In layman's terms, the diamond is cut to make it the most beautiful diamond so it retains its intrinsic value.

Diamonds of E color are virtually colorless. Only less than 0.7% of natural diamonds have this color. Diamonds of this color grade will appear colorless even when observed face down against a flat white background.

Diamonds of VVS1 clarity are very slightly included grade one. VVS1 diamonds with minute inclusions absolutely invisible to the naked eye. Only through careful inspection with a microscope can these tiny inclusions be accurately pinpointed. The brilliance of the stone does not suffer in this category.

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