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1.01 CT. Round Diamond RB-4052
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1.01 CT. Round Diamond RB-4052 

1.01 CT. Round Diamond RB-4052
Loose Diamond Info
Shape:Round Brilliant
Weight:1.01 Carat
Color:F (Colorless)
Clarity:VS1 (Absolutely No Visible Inclusions)
Measurements:6.54 - 6.61 x 3.81
Girdle:Thin to medium, faceted
Symmetry:Very Good
Rap $ Per Carat:$8,400
Our $ Per Carat:$7,970
Discount %:5.1%
Our Price:$8,452
It involves the quest for a rare rough pink diamond and the chance of a new life if found. Platinum is frequently used in finest jewelry and to set the most valuable gems because it's more workable and easier to move the prongs or setting around the stone, thereby reducing the risk of accidentally damaging it. This is greatly appreciated by those sensitive people who experience reactions to or skin discoloration from jewelry containing base metals.
Diamond Certificate
Round Diamond Certificate
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
Proportions of the premium cut diamonds are very close to ideal cut. Premium cut diamond may be close to the ideal cut proportions and look just identical. By all means such diamonds are considered well cut. In fact, many consumers cannot distinguish between the ideal cut diamond and the premium cut. Appearance of diamond is very subjective and cannot be fully evaluated just by their proportions along.

Slight presence of color may be detected in F color graded diamonds by an expert gemologist. The diamonds of this grade are considered colorless. Great choice for the purist. Look for a fluorescence rating of faint, inert, none, or negligible.

VS1 clarity diamonds are very slightly included grade one. VS1 diamonds are less expensive than the VVS1 or VVS2 grades and present an excellent value. They have minor inclusions that are bigger and more noticeable than in higher clarity grades, but they are only visible at 10x magnification. To the naked eye, these diamonds will appear unblemished.

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