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1.01 CT. Round Diamond RB-4014
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1.01 CT. Round Diamond RB-4014 

1.01 CT. Round Diamond RB-4014
Loose Diamond Info
Shape:Round Brilliant
Weight:1.01 Carat
Color:D (Colorless)
Clarity:SI2 (No Visible Inclusions)
Measurements:6.38 - 6.46 x 4.00
Girdle:Very thin to slightly thk, faceted
Symmetry:Very Good
Rap $ Per Carat:$5,900
Our $ Per Carat:$5,604
Discount %:5.0%
Our Price:Sold
Both CZ and diamond fluoresce, but the colors and intensities will be different. In addition, the shank as well as the prongs of a ring will show the effects of wear; any detailing on a ring will blur over time, as the result or gardening, playing on the beach, mountain climbing, handling ski equipment or bicycles or any other kind of repeated contact or use. If your daily schedule features a great deal of activity, you would be wise to consider a sturdier jewelry style, keeping in mind that sturdy and graceful are not mutually exclusive.
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
The ideal cut diamond is a very precise mathematical equation, where diamond proportions and angles are cut to optimize the diamond's superlative optical properties, in particular it's high refractive index and color dispersion, to create a diamond of unequaled beauty with perfect balance of brilliance and fire. In layman's terms, the diamond is cut to make it the most beautiful diamond so it retains its intrinsic value.

Diamonds of D color are absolutely colorless. It is the top most color grade and only 0.3% of all diamonds that make it out of the earth being D color.

Diamonds of SI2 clarity are grade two slightly included. Depending on the location, SI2 inclusions in these diamonds may be perceptible to the naked eye. Good color SI2 clarity diamonds are an attractive choice when working within a fixed budget without sacrificing beauty or value. These diamonds balance good clarity with exceptional price.

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