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0.84 CT. Round Diamond RB-2174 

0.84 CT. Round Diamond RB-2174
Loose Diamond Info
Shape:Round Brilliant
Weight:0.84 Carat
Color:J (Near Colorless)
Clarity:I1 (Slightly Included)
Measurements:5.97 - 5.95 - 3.61
Rap $ Per Carat:$2,000
Our $ Per Carat:$1,595
Discount %:20.2%
Our Price:Sold
After synthesizing cubic zirconia it changes in to monoclinic crystals and that is used in CZ Diamonds. When selecting the bridesmaid jewelry your maids will wear consider the style of bridesmaid gowns they will be wearing as well as the colors in your wedding party. If your bridesmaids are wearing a strapless dress, then a bridesmaid jewelry choker would be perfect, as well as a single or double strand necklace.
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
Cut quality is calculated based on simplified formulas that take into account diamond proportions, depth and table. If some of this information is not available we are unable to estimate the quality of the diamond's cut.

Trained people can see yellow in a J color diamond pretty easily. You can also do this by placing the diamonds upside down on a white piece of paper and looking at them from the side. J-color diamonds offer an excellent trade off for price and quality - excellent choice for the budget conscious.

Diamonds of I1 clarity are included. Typically inclusions in I1 diamonds can be seen with the naked eye through the crown side of the diamond. Although visible usually such inclusions only slightly affect the brilliancy of the diamond. I1 clarity diamonds may be a good choice for budget conscious customers.

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