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0.4 CT. Pear Diamond PS-3775 

0.4 CT. Pear Diamond PS-3775
Loose Diamond Info
Weight:0.40 Carat
Color:I (Near Colorless)
Clarity:VS2 (Absolutely No Visible Inclusions)
Measurements:6.10 - 4.10 x 2.55
Girdle:Thin to very thick, faceted
Rap $ Per Carat:$3,300
Our $ Per Carat:$3,125
Discount %:5.3%
Our Price:$1,312
The best gem and diamond lighting is white fluorescent lights or daylight. You should clean your jewelry often to avoid having to take it to a jeweler for costly and harmful cleaning methods. There are many home remedies and old wives tales dealing with how to clean jewelry.
Diamond Certificate
Pear Diamond Certificate
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
Proportions of the premium cut diamonds are very close to ideal cut. Premium cut diamond may be close to the ideal cut proportions and look just identical. By all means such diamonds are considered well cut. In fact, many consumers cannot distinguish between the ideal cut diamond and the premium cut. Appearance of diamond is very subjective and cannot be fully evaluated just by their proportions along.

Color grade I is in the middle of the near colorless category. Typically a trained professional will be able to discern the presence of color. Some people prefer warmer colors like I. When I color diamond is set in yellow gold jewelry used with yellow gold bezel, the diamond will appear as gorgeous as any of the higher graded stones.

Typically VS2 diamonds have minuscule inclusions. Inclusions in VS2 clarity grade should be mainly light-colored and completely invisible to the naked eye. Very small dark inclusions are allowable under the girdle when view under 10x magnification. Diamonds in VS2 category are great choice for people looking to balance high clarity and affordable price.

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