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1.57 CT. Princess Diamond PR-4656 

1.57 CT. Princess Diamond PR-4656
Loose Diamond Info
Weight:1.57 Carat
Color:E (Colorless)
Clarity:VVS1 (Virtually Flawless)
Measurements:6.60 - 6.12 x 4.58
Girdle:Extremely thin to thick
Rap $ Per Carat:$9,700
Our $ Per Carat:$9,217
Discount %:5.0%
Our Price:$15,193
For a while, it was confused with the Great Mogul diamond. Second, why are you trying to develop your own personal fashion style. Go to the fashion district of your city.
Diamond Certificate
Princess Diamond Certificate
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
The ideal cut diamond is a very precise mathematical equation, where diamond proportions and angles are cut to optimize the diamond's superlative optical properties, in particular it's high refractive index and color dispersion, to create a diamond of unequaled beauty with perfect balance of brilliance and fire. In layman's terms, the diamond is cut to make it the most beautiful diamond so it retains its intrinsic value.

An E color diamond is extremely rare and slightly less expensive than a D but is so similar that most people won’t be able to tell the difference. You pay a serious premium for an E color diamond. Diamonds of this color grade will appear colorless even when observed face down.

VVS1 clarity diamonds are very, very slightly included grade one. diamonds of VVS1 clarity have exceptionally small inclusions that are very difficult to see under 10x magnification. At 30x magnification the inclusions will be barely perceptible. Only a flawless or internally flawless diamond will have a higher clarity grade.

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