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2.22 CT. Emerald Diamond EM-4966 

2.22 CT. Emerald Diamond EM-4966
Loose Diamond Info
Weight:2.22 Carat
Color:D (Colorless)
Clarity:VS1 (Absolutely No Visible Inclusions)
Measurements:8.45 - 6.35 x 4.60
Girdle:Medium to sl. thick
Rap $ Per Carat:$14,700
Our $ Per Carat:$14,212
Discount %:3.3%
Our Price:Sold
It is only through a high powered microscope that the jeweller will be able to distinguish moissanite rings from those containing real diamonds. Black, Romance, Volume Think of Fall Winter 05 fashion trends as the darker, richer version of spring and summer trends. Prom dresses run at least one size smaller just like wedding gowns so pick dresses a size larger and you'll get a perfect fit.
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
Ideal cut refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond that satisfy very precise mathematical formulas. The result is that the the ideal cut diamond internally reflects most light from one mirror-like facet to another and disperse and reflect it through the top of the stone. This results in a display of brilliance and fire, thereby placing ideal-cut diamonds higher on the quality pyramid than deep or shallow-cut diamonds.

Diamonds of D color are absolutely colorless. It is the top most color grade and only 0.3% of all diamonds that make it out of the earth being D color.

Diamonds of VS1 clarity are very slightly included grade one. VS1 diamonds with tiny inclusions that are difficult to locate. Only a trained eye looking through a 10X loupe can pinpoint the inclusions in this category. The inclusions are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Excellent buy by all means.

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