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0.73 CT. Asscher Diamond AS-6436 

0.73 CT. Asscher Diamond AS-6436
Loose Diamond Info
Weight:0.73 Carat
Color:D (Colorless)
Clarity:I1 (Slightly Included)
Measurements:5.07 x 5.06 x 3.39
Rap $ Per Carat:$2,600
Our $ Per Carat:$2,466
Discount %:5.2%
Our Price:$1,890
Contrary to expectations, fancy cut diamonds are more affordable than the brilliant round cut diamond. Illustrations by Barbara Fortin depict rural France, including interesting French architecture, agriculture and fashion. October 2004 I just finished reading Bead on Trouble by Barbara Burnett Smith, a mystery novel set among beaders (makers of bead jewelry) in Central Texas.
Diamond Certificate
Asscher Diamond Certificate
Explanation of Cut, Color and Clarity of This Diamond

Cut Quality
Proportions of the premium cut diamonds are very close to ideal cut. Premium cut diamond may be close to the ideal cut proportions and look just identical. By all means such diamonds are considered well cut. In fact, many consumers cannot distinguish between the ideal cut diamond and the premium cut. Appearance of diamond is very subjective and cannot be fully evaluated just by their proportions along.

D color diamonds are absolutely colorless. D is the highest color grade. Natural diamonds of this color grade are extremely rare and expensive.

I1 clarity diamonds are included. I1 diamonds exhibit inclusions that are obvious at 10x magnification, and visible to the unaided eye. In small brilliant-cut diamonds, however, the inclusions are barely visible to the unaided eye because of the size of the diamond. This diamond is a good choice for people on a very limited budget.

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